SpineMED decompression technology is a very specific treatment modality designed to reduce the
pressure inside the vertebral discs and alleviate the symptoms that come from thin, or bulging discs. The
SpineMED table reduces the pressure inside the disc to retract the nuleus pulposus that creates a bulge
and draws fluid into the disc tissues to feed and hydrate the annulus and promote healing. The bulge can
be reduced, the disc becomes thicker and the tough outer layers heals up.  
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Treatments for disc related pain
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Most disc related symptoms will resolve within 12
weeks, but they are likely to return on any occasion
when your back gets stressed or strained.
Disc pathology can be difficult to diagnose using only
your signs and symptoms. A CT scan can provide
adequate information and MRI the most definitive
diagnostic test.
If your symptoms persist and your doctor suspects a
disc issue, they will likely refer you to a
neurosurgeon. You will likely have to wait many
months for consultation and many more months if you
qualify for surgery. Surgery may alleviate your
symptoms by removing the bulging material but does
not fix the damaged outer layer. It may even weaken it
more so the remaining jelly could push out again.